The Top Ten Reasons Why You Would Spend Your Money on a Sole Comfort Evaluation

  1. You and your problems are unique. There is no one thing that cures all. If this were the case you wouldn’t be going from place to place trying to get out of pain with little or no success.
  2. You spend quite a bit of money looking for the right solution. On average a person will spend up to $500.00 or more. Examples: several pair of shoes with magic rockers or springs; Over the counter arches that the computer said would work; very expensive “custom orthotics” that were pulled off a shelf and “customized” to fit you.
  3. You have had multiple MRI’s, CAT scans, seen several physicians and still you have no relief or worse yet been told nothing is wrong with you.
  4. You have been told that surgery is the only answer and yet you do not want to go that route just yet, if ever.
  5. You have pain in places other than your feet. Your knees, hips and/or back have been bothering you for a long time and have done some or all of the above.
  6. An evaluation will address all the problems you are having not only in your feet, but your legs, knees, hips or back.
  7. An evaluation is dynamic as well as static. This means we watch the way you walk and move as well as the way you stand.
  8. An evaluation will determine what needs to be done—shoes, inserts lifts, etc.
  9. With an evaluation, we will spend the time it takes to really analyze and solve the problem without having to dispense the same solution to everyone who walks in the door.
  10. With an evaluation you are guaranteed that our solutions will work, and we will continue to work with you until you are feeling pain relief.