Sole Comfort Testimonials

My name is Patty and I would highly recommend Sole Comfort to anyone who needs not only help in choosing a shoe that fits correctly, but also for anyone who needs custom work for a unique physical condition that requires modifications with a shoe.

Sole comfort is the only store where I purchase my shoes. I have a congenital left hip which after surgeries to correct the birth defect resulted with my left leg begin almost 2 inches shorter than my right leg. Before I came to Sole Comfort, I had never found anyone who had the expertise or who would take the time to work with me and my unique problem. For most of my adult life I did not have any lift built on my left shoe and my state of walking had resulted in many problems. When I came to Sole Comfort for help, Thomas Jones was the first person who ever really took the time to study and understand my problem and then try to find a solution. My left hip has a limited range of motion, so that factors greatly into the adjustment of a correct lift for my left shoe. Due to this, my lifts are all custom work and are unique for the style of shoe I purchase. Thomas'' expertise and patience with choosing the right shoes and then modifying them to improve my gait has helped me tremendously.

Patty Stan

Sole Comfort – My place to shop for footwear that fits and comforts my aging body. I have been a customer for many years. I enjoy my visits each season to see what is new and stylish for someone who has worn a large size since the age of 12. I don''t follow a "named" label so styles from a new company excite me. I can order sizes and colors that are not in the store.

Everyone is cheerful and can spend the time I need to get a good-looking and excellent fitting shoe. I have recommended the store to all who comment on my shoes or any who say they need a wider or larger size.

Thanks to Thomas and Peg for your specialized expertise and merchandise.

Lois Warwick

After several years of foot and leg pain, Dr. Janet Simon recommended that I start using the Birkenstock foot bed inserts. I now keep a pair in each of my favorite shoes each season, and am walking with great comfort, have no more foot or lower leg pain. Thanks to the wonderful Dr. Simon for her help and economical solution to my problem. I recommend Dr. Simon and Sole Comfort Shoe store to my friends regularly and appreciate the postcards with Sole Comfort sales and updates on events.

Robin Seydel

My name is Antonio and I was born with an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) in my brain. I walk with a limp and my body on the right side does not get a lot of blood flow and when it gets cold my right side turns purple. I thought when I went in to Sole Comfort they were going to do nothing for me. After all I went through with seeing many doctors who had not helped my walking. After getting different shoes with lifts I found out they can actually help. Peggy realized my legs as well as my feet are different lengths. some shoes actually fit differently and Peggy fitted me with ones that helped me walk better. I am going back for a different pair soon. I never had this done to me until Peg helped me. Thank you Sole Comfort.


I have had surgery on my right knee and is now bone on bone with bone spurs forming. MRI on left knee confirms pain due to the miniscus. There is much inflammation on the upper and lower portions of my knee. My right foot has a displaced metatarsal which is causing me much pain and inflammation. I also have heel spurs on both feet causing pain and discomfort. All this is causing poor quality of everyday living and I was searching for answers and help.

I was refrred to come to see Peggy and she was very helpful and listened to my concerns. She observed my walking, measured my feet. I was wearing shoes one and one half size too small. She adjusted inserts and lifts until I felt comfortable as I walked. With these adjustments I felt relief that I couldn''t have felt possible. My knee and feet pain are not anywhere what they were without these changes. I am looking forward to continue working with Peggy concerning my total care.

Christine Trujillo

Thomas Jones waited on us when we brought our tall, 16 year old son in with heel pain, wearing black pull on boots. Thomas recommended a Brooks stability shoe but the style that was available in my son''s size was not to his liking. We were advised by Thomas of other styles of Brooks that would work for my son and purchased these at another store. Just as Thomas informed us after 2 weeks the new Brooks motion control shoes cured the heel pain. Thank you for all your warmth, support and help. We don''t live in Albuquerque but will recommend you and Sole Comfort whenever I have the opportunity.

Vicki Thompson

The Rocker shoe that Dr. Simon fitted me with has helped my walking. I was amazed at the change in my ability to walk. Thank you for making it possible for me to discard my walking cane. It really is a pleasure to walk again.

Ken Bennett

Probably the best customer service I have received in all of ABQ & NM. Both Thomas and Peg were amazing. Without even coming to purchase shoes I left with knowledge about my specific foot problem, new shoes for work, and those new shoes were fitted to my specifications with lifts and the whole 9 yards! The knowledge Thomas and Peg know about feet and their relation to muscles and the skeletal system is simply astounding. Don't go anywhere else!!!

Kristen Gamboa