Many foot, lower extremity and back problems are directly related to biomechanical problems and improper shoes. Our professional staff is able to provide reasonably priced evaluations ($75 / 1/2 hour) that include:

  • Foot measurements / pressure scans
  • Limb length assessments
  • Orthotic – AFO brace customizations
  • Gait analysis


  • Selection of preformed orthotic inserts and insoles
  • Customizable orthotics
  • Custom orthotics made from foot models
  • Orthotic refurbishes and new toplines

Footwear Modifications / Custom Shoes

Sole Comfort has many different types of services we can perform:

  • Shoe lifts – internal or external
  • Rocker modifications / flares / buttresses
  • Stretching shoes
  • Custom shoes for severe foot deformities
  • Improving fit with increased arch support in current shoes
  • And many other pedorthic modalities to support or accommodate whatever foot issues you may have. The sky is the limit of what we can do to help footwear accommodate your needs, wants or requirements.
TJ with customer

TJ scanning

Orthotic recoverings

Orthotic recoverings