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Regular Price: $110.00
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You won't have to look far for your silver lining because the Qutie features Alegria's ground-breaking Q Chip technology to track your steps. The embedded Q Chip keeps track of every step and sends the information to you via the Alegria TRAQ smartphone app. 

You'll know how many steps you've taken from the time you slip into the Qutie until the moment you slip out of it. The app also lets you connect with other smart shoe wearers in the TRAQ Community and encourages you to invite your family and friends. You can challenge each other to meet your fitness goals as you walk through your day supported by the ergonomically designed Alegria footbed. White slip-resistant outsoles cradle your foot, and coordinating white and gray straps with hook-and-loop closures give you your best fit all day long. Pull on a pair of Alegria's Qutie TRAQ shoes in Soft Grey or Black to get your walk on today!