About Us

In 1999, Dr. Janet Simon, a board certified podiatrist and pedorthist and Peggy Lucas-Swisher, a board certified pedorthist, opened Sole Comfort Shoes, a comfort-shoe store and pedorthic facility.

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Why does Sole Comfort exist?

Our mission is to fully assess painful lower extremity conditions that prevent or inhibit individuals from living an active life style and to provide professional footwear fittings and evaluations.

Why do we use the term “professional?”

You will find at Sole Comfort an educated, well trained staff with over 25 years of combined experience in foot health. Co-owners, Peg Lucas-Swisher, is a certified pedorthist who has been actively involved in the pedorthic education process as an instructor at the Dr. Scholl’s College of Podiatric Medicine in Chicago and Janet Simon is a board certified practicing podiatrist in Albuquerque for over 20 years and also a certified pedorthist. Our employed staff members come from pedorthic-retail store and orthotic-prosthetic backgrounds. Continuing education of our staff occurs with health related and product in-service trainings.

Peg Swisher

Peg Swisher

Peg Swisher started her career as a sales person for Stride Rite shoes in 1977 and then was mentored by Symour Lefton one of the forefathers of Pedorthics at the New Mexico Orthopedic Shoe store that became Happy Feet. In 1984 Peg began managing Happy Feet and obtained the Orthopedic Shoe Technician Certificate and six months later became a Certified Pedorthist in 1990.

Wanting to expand her career and service clients better she joined forces with Janet Simon, DPM and opened Sole Comfort Shoes in 1999. That same year she started teaching pedorthics at the Scholls College of Podiatric Medicine and has been active in her consulting business Footfit International as well as serving on the Pedorthic Shoe Association’s Executive Board. She now spends most of her time training and managing Sole Comfort.

Jim Matteucci

Jim Matteucci

Jim Matteucci is the youngest son of the Paris shoe store Matteucci family. Jim was raised in the shoe business. From age 6 to 18 Jim worked in the store stocking, receiving and learning about shoes. He attended the shoe markets with his father.

At 18 he went on to college and eventually choose to became an Emergency Medical Technician. He worked in Albuquerque Metro and for one of the Pueblos and surrounding areas from 2005 to 2011.

Having started a family, he no longer wanted to work the hours it requires to be an EMT, and he went to work for Kinezio as their Distribution Manager. At Kinezio he learned more about biomechanics, anatomy and gait. He worked for Kinezio for 3 years.

Once again the travel was becoming too much for his growing family. Going back to his roots, Jim went to work for New Balance shoe store.

Not satisfied with just selling shoes and wanting to work more in the medical aspect of the business, Jim approached Peg at Sole Comfort. Jim has been with Sole Comfort 2 and a half years. With his medical background he is now practicing pedorthics, doing orthopedic shoes work and custom orthotics.