Sole Comfort’s 10-Point Evaluation

  1. Discuss with you what has brought you in.
  2. Discuss with you everything that we are doing throughout the evaluation.
  3. Assess what you are currently wearing on your feet to include shoes, socks and/or orthotics and braces.
  4. Check your range of motion and the condition of your feet and legs.
  5. Assess your feet by measuring the length and width; arch and instep heights.
  6. When necessary use the I-Step that gives a topographical visual of the bottom of your feet.
  7. Watch you walk observing your body in motion and how it’s aligned from your feet to your head.
  8. Find the right components and/or footwear and have you walk again.
  9. Keep making changes until we are satisfied that we have you out of pain and aligned properly.
  10. Discuss our continuing treatment plan at the conclusion of your evaluation and schedule a follow up visit.